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Transmission 2.0 for AppleTV reloaded to Dropbox
Following shutdown of Megaupload (special thanks to US justice system), original link is no longer available. So, following users request, I've put it to Dropbox public folder.
Take it from

Stellarium XL 1.5 failed to launch
According to (some of) recent feedback reviews I have about latest version of Stellarium XL (iPad version), there's repeating pattern of "failed to launch" complains.
Apparently, not all iPads created equal - despite all having same OS version (app set to require latest 5.0) and same hardware, some difference does exists.
I can't reproduce this problem neither on my iPad nor on devices of my friends.

So, anyone who have this problem and would like to invest little time to have in fixed: don't hesitate to contact me.

Stellarium for iPad is available in AppStore
After iPhone version, Stellarium is now available for iPad too with redesigned specifically for iPad UI. Get it from

Stellarium for iPhone in AppStore
Stellarium, an open source planetarium is available for iPhone! For those lucky of us who have an iPad - worry not, high resolution version with redesigned UI is in works.

Stellarium for iPhone
Stellarium for iPhone is entered beta-testing stage, which means that release is planned in matter of month. Unfortunately, due to limitation of original Stellarium core, only OpenGL ES2 capable devices are supported. This means iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3rd gen and newer.
iPad version is planned, but need some work, since GUI must be quite different, and I will need someone dedicated to testing since I don't have an iPad (price in Israel is insane).

Transmission 2.0 on AppleTV
Following popular request, here comes Transmission 2.0 compiled for AppleTV.

Unfortunately, it looks like Rapidshare don't support free accounts anymore. This means that old links (to previous versions) does not work anymore.

So, download from and use Donate button on right side if you think it worth it.

Transmission 1.92 on AppleTV
Updated version of excellent Transmission BitTorrent client for AppleTV uploaded to

Transmission 1.75 on Apple TV (cont.)
People asked for binaries for download, so, here it comes Hope I uploaded to Rapidshare correctly.

Open TAR on your AppleTV, setup automatic startup script(s) as described on various places all over the net, I won't repeat it here.


Transmission 1.75 on Apple TV
Recently I decided to replace my old NSLU2. This decision had two main reasons:
  1. With all nice features of hacked NSLU2 it is just not powerful enough to run Torrent and aMule in the same time. Heck, even aMule alone finishes all available memory when KAD is turned on.
  2. No display/audio output.

Since I still want hackable box which will be NAS and will be able to run general purpose applications (aMule and Transmission are first in list), the choice become really tough.
  • NAS-only boxes are out (no video out)
  • 90% of streamers are out - either not hackable or not powerful enough (few memory, slow CPU)

It turned out, however, that Apple TV suit my requirements almost perfectly
  • Hackable, OSX inside
  • Has HD display output
  • Plenty of memory, general purpose Intel CPU
However, it turned out, that latest versions of Transmission (my favorite torrent client) can not be built "as-is" for Apple TV. Some people claimed, that issue is due to "limitations of Apple TV".
They are wrong. The problem is simply version mismatch between OSX on Mac and one on device. Apple TV have OS based on Tiger, while Mac's moved to Leopard.

So, when I decided to compile Transmission 1.75, the simplest way to ensure Tiger compatibility is to build it on Tiger with XCode 2.5. With help of VMWare and original Tiger DVD from my MacBook I setup my build environment.
Next issue is libcurl incompatibility. Transmission assume latest version of curl, while version installed on Apple TV is old one. Solution is to link with static version libcurl.
Downloading libcurl, compiling it to static lib, replacing <curl/curl.h> with "path_to_curl/curl.h" in web.c, adding libcurl.a to list of libraries and - here it is.

מסר של שי דרומי
אתמול הגיעה לסיומה פרשת שי דרומי. בית המשפט בבער שבע זיכה את דרומי מהאשמות בהריגה ובכך הכיר בזכותו של אדם להגן על אדם ורכושו. ראוי לציין שנדרשה התערבות של כנסת כדי שבית משפט המכובד יבין שזה בסדר לירות בבדואי שחשב שחווה בנגב מותר לשדוד באין מפריע. הרי אף שוטר לא יקפוץ לאמצע הלילה לתפוס אותו. אוזלת ידם של רשויות כלפי זבל בדואי היא מקור הבעיה.


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